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 Our Seasonal Alignment eBook allows you to embrace a life that moves with the seasons. Our bodies need to be nourished and supported in different ways during the year, and we’ll give you recipes, habits, foods and practices so you can give your body what it needs to thrive for just $55! ✨

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"Vibe Up" Program

Do you struggle to find balance in a world that’s constantly evolving? 

Are you relentlessly juggling life’s daily tasks, leaving little time for you? 

Or are you looking for ways to shake off the negative energy around you? 

Living in balance is not something that will happen overnight. It requires intention, persistence and all the right tools. 

Our Vibrational Alignment program will introduce you to a series of tools designed to create daily habits for mindset, alignment, nutrition, energy and empowerment. The techniques you’ll discover will help manage stress, boost your energy, align your purpose and uncover self-confidence.  

For $111.00 you will get:

✓  6 Levels & 18 Videos tools

✓ Meditation, affirmations & yoga sessions

✓  Life time access

✓  Exclusive future coaching offers


What you’ll find inside…

  •  Level 1: Vibration

Humans are multidimensional beings, with an electromagnetic field that’s an extension of who we are. This level shows you how to tune into your vibration and lean toward positive energy. 


  •  Level 2: Alignment

Alignment is the act of becoming closer to your higher self – the purest part of you that holds your deepest truths and unconscious beliefs. This level will show you how to become aligned and shed limiting beliefs.


  •  Level 3: Soul love

Soul love is building the most important relationship in life – the one with yourself. In this level, we’ll show you how to put yourself first to become the happiest, most authentic version of you. 


  •  Level 4: Purpose

Purpose is what gives our life meaning and helps us bounce out of bed in the morning. Purpose is a journey that takes time, reflection and patience – this level will help you begin your journey. 


  •  Level 5: Future now

Our environment around us impacts our energy, efficiency and future self. This level will give you the tools to create a calm, productive space that’s overflowing with good energy. 


  •  Level 6: Career focus

Are you fulfilling what sets your soul on fire? This level will explore the difference between a calling and a career – and asks questions that guide you toward your future self.