We're Brian McNeill & Bec Ponsioen 

We believe in a holistic approach to wellbeing 

Can we shake off the belief that physical fitness alone creates wellbeing?

Take it from us, Bec and Brian. In our early careers, we leapt into the fitness industry. We were on an endless pursuit for health and wellbeing - not only for ourselves, but for others.

We were magnetised to the idea of helping people. 


Where we have come from?


What followed was a 30 year journey and exploration – and ultimately, a realisation that physical fitness alone will only take you so far. 

It’s not the sole source of wellbeing, despite being sold this way.   

Holistic wellbeing embodies physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual wellness. It’s looking at our whole person, with each component contributing to a state of balance. 

Because if you’re looking to become the best version of yourself – it won’t be found in visible abs and a magazine-worthy reflection. 

It’s found through looking inward. 


Brian McNeill
Executive Coach
Vibes: Saltwater
Mantra: Movement creates positive energy
Loves: Surfing and guiding others
Gift: Making people feel relaxed and comfortable in his presence
Qualifications: ICF member and ACC Executive Coach


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Rebecca Ponsioen
Program Developer
Vibes: Workout wear
Mantra: It’s not about action, it’s about vibrational alignment
Loves: Health and fitness
Gift: Contagious energy
Qualifications: Bachelor of Applied Exercise Science, Master Human Nutrition and Graduate Certificate of Careers Education